Cutek Extreme 5 Gallons



Cutek Extreme is a unique wood protection oil which keeps wood and engineered timber looking great for many years. It comes as a clear oil, with a choice of 10 colourtones (sold separately) which can be added to enhance the natural look of your project. Cutek Extreme is formulated to minimise warping and cupping and splitting, which means your exterior project lasts years longer.

IMPORTANT: Wood that is coated with Cutek Extreme will gradually silver over time on exposure to sunlight, while remaining dimensionally stable. If this natural silvering of the surface is undesirable, then a colourtone (sold separately) must be added to delay the silvering process and enhance the natural character and colour of the wood. Colourtoned Cutek Extreme can still look like a clear finish, depending on the colourtone selected.


New wood and plywood

Ensure that wood to be coated is clean and dry. The glue in plywood or laminated wood may inhibit penetration of the oil. Cutek Extreme can be used on CCA, ACQ and other treated wood, however, wood pre-treated with wax and polymer process such as LOSP may require cleaning first with Cutek ProClean.

Old or previously coated wood or plywood

Old, dirty, stained or weathered wood should be prepared by first applying Cutek ProClean restoration agent, then power rinsing with a power washer set to under 750 p.s.I. (50 bar), with a fan jet pattern to avoid damage to the wood fiber. Use an approved cleaner to eliminate biological growth. Avoid the use od sodium hypochlorite bleaches which harm the environment and may damage the wood.

Wood previously coated with a film-forming product that is failing such as stains, linseed oil, paint, polyurethane, etc, must first be restored with a paint stripper and/or Cutek ProClean prior to the application of Cutek Extreme. This process can be complex, so please visit for more information.

The results achieved from restoration are dramatic and rewarding- warped and cupped boards can return to their original profile and flatness, and the original natural colour and beauty of the wood can be restored.


Avoid contact with plants, shrubs, trees and waterways. For best results, one coat of Cutek Extreme should be applied to all faces of the wood prior to installing, with a second coat applied to the top surface once the first coat is completely dry. Penetration time varies significantly, depending on species, temperature, porosity and moisture content of the wood.

Thicker lumber cut such as posts, beams and longs will require additional coats, as Cutek Extreme has a cumulative effect in the wood. Apply each coat liberally with spray, brush, fabric mop or roller. When using Cutek Colourtone it is essential that the container holding the oil be stirred frequently both before and during use. The more oil that is applied and absorbed, the longer the coating will last. Equipment may be cleaned with detergent and water or mineral turpentine.

IMPORTANT: Wood must feel completely dry and non-greasy before application of second coat.

Structures that have been previously coated with Cutek Extreme that have faded or started to “silver- off” in the sun are easily restored to their original appearance by treatment with Cutek ProClean and a simple recoat, without sanding or stripping. NOTE that Cutek Extreme will gradually fade over time rather than peel, split or crack, so the rejuvenation of wood coated with Cutek Extreme is simple, fast and cost effective process.


Cutek Extreme should be reapplied as necessary to retain the natural beauty and colour of the wood. Recoat time varies widely according to many factors including the age and porosity of the wood, species, situation and exposure to the weather so we are unable to offer any specific performance warranties. Typically, horizontal exterior smooth surfaces exposed to full weather such as pool decks and handrails may require recoating every 6 months to 2 years, while vertical rough-sawn cladding may require maintenance less frequently.


A full list of precautions is available at Because of the wide range of applications possible for Cutek Extreme, it is vital that the end user determine the suitability of the oil for their own purpose by testing a small area first.

Weather and temperature

Wood to be coated should be clean and dry, with a moisture content of no higher than 17%. Do not apply Cutek Extreme to exterior wood if it is likely to rain within 24 hours of application. Warming containers prior to application in cold weather will help penetration. If a second coat of oil is applied too soon after the first coat in cold weather, it will delay the penetration and drying of the finished coating. If this occurs, wipe excess oil from the surface with a rag to promote faster drying.


New dressed wood or bamboo:             10-20 sq mtr/litre

400-800 sq ft/ Gal

Old restored dressed wood:                   7-9 sq mtr/ litre

250-350 sq ft/ Gal

New rough sawn or band sawn wood: 7-9 sq mtr/ litre

250-350 sq ft/ Gal

Old restored rough sawn or band sawn wood: 4- 7 sq mtr/ litre

150- 250 sq ft/Gal

Shingles and shakes:                              2- 5 sq mtr/ litre

80- 200 sq ft/ Gal

This figures represent typical averages for common decking and cladding such as Western Red Cedar, Redwood, Pine, Merbau, Ipe, Tigerwood, Cumaru, Bamboo etc. and are to be used as a guideline only.