Ipe Clip® Extreme™ Fasteners- Brown




Box Contents:

  • 175 – Ipe Clip Extreme Fasteners
  • 190- Black Stainless Trim Screws
  • 1- T15 Screwgun Tip  
  • 1- 1/8” High Speed Drill Bit
  • 12- 3/8” Tapered Ipe Plugs
  • 1- Instruction Sheet

One box covers 100 sqft for 16” o.c. framing and 175 sqft for 24” o.c. framing (coverage is approximate).

The Ipe Clip® Extreme™ Hidden Deck Fastener System features a quick and easy installation process because all the work is done from the top-side of the deck so there is no need to stand on your head during the installation of the deck. The installation process is made even more simple because Ipe Clip® Extreme™ Hidden Deck Fasteners automatically set a 3/32″ gap spacing between the installed deck boards. No gap space measuring is needed when you choose Ipe Clip® Hidden Deck Fastening systems.